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how to keep your baby room out of trouble

How To Keep Your Baby Room Out Of Trouble

Being parents to a little one is an adventure in itself and surely, it comes with bundles of joyful moments, responsibilities, and fears centralizing to the baby’s well-being. From car seats to child gates, and corner bumpers to outlet covers, we take a lot of precautions to ensure our children’s safety. Keeping in mind the amount of time a baby spends in the nursery, it is of utmost importance that the environment certifies the security of the newborn and aids in a healthy kick start in life. Here, we provide you with a checklist of simple recommendations to give your baby the best start.


    1. Outlet Plug Covers

      outlet plug covers for kids- baby roomCredits- MomJunction

      A baby’s first steps are cherished by parents and feel like a milestone on the journey of parenthood. Making the room baby the proof is of utmost importance especially when the lil one’s on the move. The plugs and sockets open for the baby scream danger and it is advised to use electrical outlet covers to avoid baby accidents.

    2. Changing Tables

      diaper changing table- baby roomShop Now- Diaper Changing Table

      A changing table is a must-have in the baby’s room to have easy breezy diaper changing sessions which are pretty frequent with little ones. It is always advised to have a sturdy changing table having a concave middle with a guardrail to avoid serious falls. Having the essential diaper kit within hand’s reach is essential so that the baby isn’t left idle and also makes dressing up the baby easier.

    3. Crib

      crib bed- baby roomShop Now- Miami Crib Bed

      A baby usually spends the most time unattended in the crip which makes it of absolute importance that the environment of the crib must be 100% safe. Fallouts are very common and thus it is recommended that the mattress must not be high. A growing baby’s head may also get caught in the slats and thus it is important to pay heed to the measurements. A wide slat will cause a baby’s arms and legs to fall out keeping the head trapped which can prove to be fatal. It is also advised to ensure all the hardware and assembly parts are flushed so that no pointed ends are present as well as a sturdy fitting is ensured.

    4. Pad Sharp Edges

      pad sharp edges- baby roomCredits- Amazara

      One of the easiest ways for the baby to get injured is through sharp edges which at times end up causing serious damage to the child. Simply using tape foam to soften the edges. This is the most widely used method as a guard against injuries but it doesn’t help in the long run especially when the baby is on the lookout for grabbing and holding things. Specially designed corner cushions not only help in the long run but also ensure a foolproof plan against injuries.

    5. Safe Toy Box

      toy box- baby roomShop Now- Cream Magnum Toy Box

      A no lid box is the most optimum choice when it comes to choosing toy boxes. A no lid or a lightweight removable lid ensures that the tiny fingers don’t get caught and get injured. Foldable toy boxes or even almirahs made up of fabric are an appropriate purchase. As it keeps the surrounding neat and tidy and is also easy to handle and wash as well.

      Having a baby can bring many new changes for which the above checklist is a great starting point in the journey of babyproofing the home so that you have one less thing to worry about.