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Things to consider before buying a crib bed

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Crib Bed

First of all, congratulations on starting a new chapter in your life. We all know that having a baby is one thing and taking care of the baby is another. It’s a phase where you are both nervous and joyful.
Deciding where your infant will sleep is crucial because we all know that a child spends most of his days in that crib sleeping, about 60-70% and this makes the task of choosing the right crib so daunting. Crib safety should be your top priority in your baby’s nursery. Baby crib beds come in many brands and varieties. But the most important aspect of a safe baby crib is that it meets current safety standards.

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A bassinet might be suitable for a child up to 3-4 months because after that the child doesn’t stay put and he moves here and there and in that process, a bassinet might not protect him. A crib on the other hand gives you a feeling that you and your baby can sleep peacefully. With a crib having wooden walls that surround the mattress, it will protect the baby from falling.

You Should Be Careful Of-

A crib shouldn’t contain anything that a child can put in his mouth; this includes stuffed toys, blankets, etc., should be removed from the crib. Now, for a bed sheet that doesn’t come off, a QuickZip sheet is preferred as it fits completely and won’t come off with the movement of your child in the crib.

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The Right Kind Of Crib Bed For Your Baby-

Now, that you’ve decided to buy a crib, the question lies as to what type you should buy? Should you buy an old one or a new one? Well, as far as old ones are considered, you should check on the safety features it has, if the old one and the new one are similar in many safety features, whether it’s sturdy enough, etc, after that, you can decide whether to buy it or not.
One can see the year of manufacturing by searching for the model number or a serial number of the crib. This will surely help to differentiate between the features of the old ones and new ones.

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The next thing to keep in mind is that the slats aren’t farther apart from each other, otherwise this may lead to the infant’s hands or legs being caught in between them. Ideally, slats shouldn’t be 2 3/8 inches apart from each other.


What to choose, a cot or a cot-bed?

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Deciding between cot and cot beds is a little challenging. Cot and cot beds are similar in many ways, there is just one thing that makes them different which is that using them over the long term. While a cot is suitable from birth to approximately 2 years, a cot-bed may be used from birth to about 5 years. Some cot beds can even turn into little sofas and last longer.
A cot-bed has detachable sides, which can be used as a low bed for a toddler. It’s larger than a cot but smaller than a single bed requiring a mattress and bedding designed specifically for it.

For these reasons, many parents prefer cot-beds and this is evident from the rising sales. Though cot-bed costs twice as much as cot do, but as per future prospective cot-bed proves to be cost-effective and time-saving.

Though, taking into account the room space, if you’ve little space in the room, then a cot would be preferred. However, if you’re considering having 2 children then a cot would be preferred. As a cot can be used by the younger one while you shift the older one in a single bed.

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In the end, whether you decide to buy a cot or a cot-bed, make sure it is best for your newborn. You can also check out our wide collection of crib beds for newborns that will help you chose the best for the new member of the house.