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5 Types Of Bunk Bed That Are Best For Your Kids

If you’re planning to have 2 children, a normal bed won’t help you much. For the first few months, it might be manageable but as the children grow, a single bed won’t have the capacity to fit them both. For this, many parents prefer a bunk bed, it might feel to be costly but over time it’s a deal maker.
Bunk beds are 2-story beds, one over the other, so that your children can have a sound sleep and free from any midnight problems.

Types of Bunk beds

Buying a bunk bed might be daunting as we have so many options to choose from. Below we have shortlisted few of them for you as per your requirements.

Wooden Bunk Beds

wooden bunk bedShop Now- Chicago Bunk Bed

A simple wooden bunk bed has a few advantages to its side. The wooden look can be molded down to any color you want as per your room. You can keep the look as is or change it with the changes in your room. The bed can also be used as an additional one for guests after your children have outgrown the size of the bed. Not too tall for a child, you can put your children to sleep without worrying them falling while sleeping.


Princess Bunk Bed

bunk bed for girlsShop Now- Santander Snow White Bunk Bed

Raising a girl isn’t simple. That little princess truly acts like a princess. A bunk bed for your little princess is what you might be looking for. There is a lot of variety’s in this that you can look out for. Some are designed to look like a small castle while others have a room look. The choice of which one to buy depends on your room size and your requirements.

Double-decker bed

double decker bunk bedShop Now- Palencia Brown Bunk Bed

A double-decker bed is sometimes also referred to as the bunk bed. It has 2 beds positioned in a vertical manner, one above the other. There are a lot of options available in these such as the bottom one converts to a sofa, or to a study area. These are a good option if you’ve 2 children and want to save some on the space you have.

Non-Traditional Bunk Bed

bunk bed with slideShop Now- Slinger Grey Swing Bunk Bed

If you are looking for a bunk bed but also want one that is classy and stylist? Well, there are some options to your rescue. Now, they’re very similar to the traditional ones, the difference is that some are wall-mounted and with this, you can customize it as much as you want. They will be a perfect fit if you have requirements for a small bed with many customizations at your disposal.

Triple Bunk bed

triple bunk bed for girlsCredits- Homedit

The idea behind this type is the same as that of a normal bunk bed, we get 3 beds instead of 2. Now, this might be a good idea to have this if you have 3 children or if you’re a guest every now and then. There are few options available in this type. The first one is very basic that is all 3 beds are aligned vertically one over the other. The second option is having 2 vertical beds with the bottom one transforms into a double bed thus giving you 3 beds in total. Now the latter one might be helpful if the height of the former touches your ceiling and you want 3 beds.


These were the different types of super cool kids’ be that will ensure a good night’s sleep for your kid. Let us know which one you love the most amongst all.