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5 Easy Hacks To Develop Reading Habits In Early Stages Of Childhood

Reading- we have at least once heard about it either from our family or friends about the “benefits” of inducing a reading habit in children from an early age. But why is a reading habit that important? Well, those who don’t read, it’s not like they are missing something very big…. or are they?

You see, a reader would say that reading books gives you pleasure, happiness and most importantly widens your brain in wonderful ways. There’s a very popular saying that ” A person dies only once but a reader dies many times before his demise”. Reading is hard at the outset, but once you get a hang of it, you’ll realize how easy it is. Books contain knowledge that a simple google search can’t give you.

Having stated the knowledge one can aspire, let’s talk about how you as a parent can induce reading habits in your children. Now the ways we will be talking about will work for both children and teenagers. So continue reading-

Reading a book

Enter the 1990s, we are seeing a boom in the internet market. Currently, almost everyone in the world has used the internet at least once. In this world of the internet, people have forgotten to read for themselves. We all know that children learn by seeing things, it’s not the other way around. The most important thing to embark on the habit of reading, you have to read books.
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When they’ll see you reading you can apply techniques such as making them sit with you and giving them a book to read. This will work as a budding hack that will later lead them to develop a reading habit. This act has to be done wholeheartedly and on the daily basis. So, it’s more like that first you need to develop the habit and then transfer it to your children.

Giving them goals- One Of The Best Ways To Develop Reading Habits

After getting success in the first step, you can proceed with giving them a book to read and telling them to read at least x number of pages. Please note this number shouldn’t be the number that you’ve set for yourself. For example, if your target is 50 pages, give the kid 10-15 pages and then slowly increase the barrier.

 how to make your kids love reading

There will be days when the actual read pages will be less than the target and there will be days when the actual number is greater than the target. In either case,
don’t get mad or excited, these both can hamper the process.


Asking them what they read

One of the best ways is to give them a task that they have to complete by end of the day. At the end of the day, you can ask them what they read and what did they learned from it.

reading task for kids
Now, make sure this process doesn’t have to be the one they’ve in school. It should be more like a fun game for them and less like a task. For eg., you gave your kid to read 10 pages/ day and told him that you’ll ask what they have read and learned. Now, sometimes they might not read all the pages or they might not understand what they read, don’t get all bossy with them, rather, you can sit with them and read with them, joyfully. In the end, remember that you can’t win by
force with kids. You have to act patiently in all the processes.

Choose the books that they prefer

There are a zillion books out there and a zillion published each year. So, it’s better that you make your kid choose the book they prefer. It can be that you want him to read fiction, but his interest lies in sci-fi or self-help books. This won’t help them to develop the reading habit. Rather they’ll run from it.

reading habits in kids


Surrounding them with books

If you keep your books in your wardrobe, thinking this will protect the books from damaging… well, it will accomplish your goal of not damaging but will come at a cost- the cost of your kid not reading. It’s human behavior that we tend to do something that’s in front of our eyes more quickly than with something which we know is there but requires a little extra work.
A bookshelf might be the best option you can pick. Now, you don’t need a full wall bookshelf, like the pro readers have, a small one will do the same job with the same efficiency. You can look at plenty of options of bookshelves by clicking here

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