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Different types of bed

7 Different Types of Kids’ Bed

Struggling to decide “Whether to go for a single bed or bunk bed? Having dreamy expectations but also looking for futuristic practical needs? Is this the right bed or not? “ and cheers to many more infinite thoughts crossing our minds while planning to buy a kids’ bed. It’s not that easy and we completely understand that. But mommies, don’t worry as we have rounded the list of different types of kids’ beds that you can’t resist to wishlist!

  1. Toddler Beds-

Denver Storage Crib- types of kids' bed
Coming to the toddler, we need to hunt for a comfortable yet safe bed that ensures a good sound sleep. So, accordingly updating the option and showcasing our exclusive- Denver Storage Crib. Locked with the four sides wooden support and adding storage that will give wings to their not so little needs.

  2. Tree House Beds- The Most Desired Kids’ Bed

tree house bed- types of kids' bed
Breaking the myth that cute kids’ beds can’t meet practical needs- we have rounded a White & Grey Tree House Bed that offers kid-pleasing designs while giving big underneath storages.
The tree shape design attracts the attention of kids while keeping their magical needs at bay. 

  3. Canopy Beds-

Valencia Canopy Double Storage Bed- types of kids' bed
Well, the most unforgettable type of bed ever! Canopy beds are ruling the hearts for many generations unapologetically. So taking it forward we have designed the Valencia Canopy Storage Bed so that our little buddies also get to experience this type of bed. The finest finishing and multiple storages just enhance the functionality, making it worthy enough in the eyes of the parents.

  4. Square Single Size Bed

leon gray bed- types of kids' bed
If you are not too sure about the unique shape sizes bed, then opt for our Leon Grey Bed without hesitating. As it is not that monotonous as you are thinking. Designed with a stylish square silhouette featuring a slatted headboard, footboard, and two straight side rails, making it an extremely new-age design while ensuring the safety of your kids effortlessly. 

  5. Almeria Teepee Bed

Almira Teepee Bed- types of kids' bed
If you are hunting for a magical bed where your kid would love to sleep then Almeria Teepee Bed is your ideal match! Quoting to the unexampled designs, we have crafted this super comfy bed which easily gives wings to the perfect dreams of your kids. Further, enhance the look by hanging stars, toys, or lovely photos, making it attractive enough for a kids’ space

  6. Glowben Bunk Bed

globen bunk bed- types of kids' bed
It is currently our bestseller amongst the list of different types of kids’ beds. Well, the super saving furniture holding multi-functionality is definitely hard to resist!
Matching up with the ongoing needs of a growing child, we have designed the Glowben Bunk Bed that can serve the purpose of a study table, bookshelf, and a super comfy bed at the same time. The all-in-one bed constructed in a unique space-saving design painted in minimalist colors contributing to making it a classic smart buy.

  7. Santander Snow White Bunk Bed

snowwhite bunk bed- types of kids' bed
Widening the options of dreamy bunk beds, we have crafted the Santander Snow White Bunk Bed. Featuring flexible aesthetics that can entertain the never-ending dreamy needs without fail. Especially the in-built stairs make it look more fascinating.  So, let your kids snooze while dreaming sweetly in this extra cute snow white bunk bed. 

Matching the imaginary needs with a practical approach, we have accordingly designed our new kids’ beds collection So hunt down the best from our list of different types of kids’ bed and let us know your favorite amongst all.