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  • V Cone wall shelf

    Our exceptional arc wall shelf is a modern, useful display piece that’s just right for a kids room or play area and trendy enough for any wall in your house. Crafted from engineered wood and outdone with a lively texture, it’s a durable display essential with a typical style. It can be used to store books, toys and various other displays.

  • Line Floating wall shelf

    Presenting an amazing white and gold floating shelf with a strong construction, this wooden wall shelf is the best to its standard for great shelving. That’s perhaps why we named it that.

  • Play Angle Wall Shelf
  • Tinkle Binkle wall Shelf

    Holding on to your kids’ possession tightly, we are up with the Tinkle Binkle Wall Shelf. Designed to a sleek aesthetic that not only goes with your interiors but also cute enough to add charm to your kids’ space.

  • Teepee Triangle wall shelf

    Triangular teepee design wooden shelf is available in lovely colors of blue and pink for your kid’s nursery. Buy one buy many to give it your own designing aesthetic.

  • Jack & Jill Triangle Wall Shelf

    Hang the super cute Jack & Jill Triangle Shelves in your kid’s room without a doubt. As it not only keep the items in space but elevates the look of the walls at the same time. So hooked on to such shelves that amp up your interior style game while keeping your kids engage in fascination. 

  • Red and White Bookshelf

    Our Red and white elegant wall shelf complements a beautiful kids room.
    Kids room decoration is as important these days as their parents rooms. This lovely wall shelve from the brand ikooji will give an elegant look to your kids room.

  • Two Mishmash Wall Shelf

    Multiplying to the endless needs of the little ones, we launched our Mishmash Wall Shelf. Featuring multiple shelves with top-notch style so that storage doesn’t stand in the way of style.

  • Cloud Candy Wall Shelf

    Another way to bring nature into the little one’s room. A cloudy wall shelf with all the space for their knick knacks and displays.

  • Dreamy Cloud Kids’ Wall Shelf

    Now display your kid’s toys in these cute little dreamy cloud kids wall shelf and make them look super- magical. The handmade crafted shelf is just perfect as it put together the items while giving an adorable look to the walls. 

  • Trio White Wall Shelf
  • Rustic Red Wall Shelf
  • Dori Yellow Kids’ Wall shelf

    Who says wall shelves don’t fascinate kids. As our Dori Yellow Kids’ Wall Shelf is designed to fit for your kids’ room. The unique shelves set gives the right space to hold on to the special little items.
    So decorate the wall by placing the right proportionate shelves and display kids’ belonging- so that they feel a sense of warmth in their room. 

  • Batman Black Wall Shelf

    Adding super-fun storages that give wings to your kids’ imaginations. Just like our Batman Black Wall Shelf does. The batman shaped shelf hold to your kid’s items while adding to a kid zone spaces. 


  • Batman Logo Shelf

    The BATMAN shelf will give you a unique charm in your consolation room. Its polished shape and impeccable appearance will make it a long time in his room. Attracts the eye and attention, combining the advantage of unusual decoration, as well as a functional shelf

  • Wings Red Kids’ Wall Shelf

    Multiplying to the endless needs of the little ones, we launched our Wing Red Kids’ Wall Shelf  Featuring multiple shelves with top-notch style so that storage doesn’t stand in the way of style.
    Now hang your kids’ growing possessions with style and make your wall interiors look more colorful and balanced. 

  • Truck Wall Shelf

    A classic Red Truck Wall shelf allows your kids to display toys and treasures on this playful shelf. It has a whimsical storage solution in two cargo bed shelves and a truck cab shelf

  • Two White Wooden Cloud Shelf

    Bring some imagination to those little minds with these pair of cloud shelving units. Great to hang in your kids bedrooms and great to store their little nik naks on.

  • Tiramisu Wall Shelf

    Enhance the look of that empty wall with our 9 tier shelving unit and make it a center stage of your kids room by keeping their creativity at display & by exhibiting their books, toys or work of art. Inspired from European styles, this shelf is made in pine wood. It’s natural color looks wonderful on just about any wall colour.

  • Catapiller Green wall shelf

    Enhance the look of your walls with Caterpillar Green Wall Shelf like magic. It is assembled perfectly that can pull a classy look while putting together your items securely. So, bring home the classic shelf and do wonders with your interior.

  • Honeylicious Wall Shelf

    Its a great idea to put these honeylicious wall shelves in your room and make it look like the bee colony.

  • Classic Twisted Book Kids’ Shelf

    Kids’ Wall Shelf Made By Geetansh & Lekisha

    Crafted in high-quality engineered wood and rounding a spacious wall shelf with a book shape unique aesthetic suggested by our kid designer.
    Shaping our kid designer’s imagination with a practical approach is how we made this Classic Twisted Book Wall Shelf.

  • Hanging Parachute Wall Shelf

    Parachute Kids’ Wall Shelf made by Lavanya Yadav

    Giving wings to our kid designer imagination, we have crafted our premium hanging parachute wall shelf that features multiple shelves to hold on to their little possessions.

    We adore the unique Parachute shape aesthetic idea of our kid designer absolutely.
    So shop the unique wall shelf and level up the liveliness of your kids’ room.

  • Starilicious Wall Shelf

    Star-shaped silhouette will bring a burst of style to any kids room, playroom or shared space. Its sturdy wood frame allows it to hold plenty of decor, toys and more.