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  • Tippy Tippy White Toddler Bed

    For all the crawlers, we have designed the exclusive classic bed. Featuring a clean outline with minimal footprint combined with an adequate amount of space to make any toddler feel snug and safe to sleep. Giving emphasis on the unique shape that has a headboard and side guards, which contributes to making it a perfect toddler bed.

    Bring home this toddler bed and let your junior have a good-sound sleep without the mid-night rolls and turns.

  • Magical White Tent House Bed

    Blossoming your kids’ childhood with sweet tales, we have put together a tent-shaped bed. Designed with low height to avoid all the late-night troubles.

    Now let them daydream for a while and make their best memories in this playful bed.
    Bring home this exclusive bed that will act as the perfect playhouse in the day and the sweetest dreamy bed at night. 

  • Little House White Bed With Trundle

    Giving wings to little ones’ imaginations, we have rolled out the exclusive hut shape kids’ bed.
    Constructed in high-quality wood and keeping platform height low- just to avoid any late-night crawling injuries, making it perfect for toddlers.

    It’s time to swipe all the boring monotonous beds and switch to new designs of kids’ beds just how your kids want it.