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  • Dori Yellow Kids’ Wall shelf

    Who says wall shelves don’t fascinate kids. As our Dori Yellow Kids’ Wall Shelf is designed to fit for your kids’ room. The unique shelves set gives the right space to hold on to the special little items.
    So decorate the wall by placing the right proportionate shelves and display kids’ belonging- so that they feel a sense of warmth in their room. 

  • Neither too long- nor too short! We are up with our perfect Roller Moller floor shelf featuring six rows with the finest finishes. What makes it the best seller is that we have designed the shelf with a practical approach- by designing in both vertically as well as horizontally. Now you can make the shelf according to your kids’ height horizontally so that it gets handy to use for them or tall up their possessions vertically that compliment your spaces.So shop smartly according to your kids’ needs with us!

    Ships in: 7 Days